Ordered by grandchildren (age 7)a GoKart for Christmas.Rode at most 20 minutes.

A part underneath broke in half. Called Co. to return and get a new Go Kart. They said they could not do that.

They replaced the part after we sent pictures. My son put the part on but says, where it is, it will break again probably. The Go Kart was rode another 20 to 30 minutes and would not run. My son would get it started and it would run a few minutes and stall.

This continued so many times that my son put it up. I have been talking to this company since Christmas and it is Feb 5th. They will offer to have their repair man look at it but I would have to pay the shipping. At one point they told me if it came back, they would have to charge a restock fee because the Go Kart was used.

I tried to tell them it was not used. We can't get it to run long enough to use it. I even offered to buy a higher cost Go Kart and pay the difference if they would take this one back. By this time, it was a safety issue with us to put our children on the Go Kart.

These people were rude, a guy named Felix was really rude. Jose was not rude, but would not help me. Told me to call a John at the factory. I did and John said he could not help me, he was only a mechanic.

I did not buy it from the factory, I bought it from PowersportsMax. I even paid extra for the Go Kart to my son's house and that did not happed. They left it at a local business and that business charged to bring to my son's house. My son did not have anything to haul it in.

This has been a nightmare and the worst Company that I have ever dealt with and I am 70 years old. I would never buy anything from them again and if you are reading this, you would be wise not to buy. My son is going to borrow a trailor and take the Go Kart to a mechanic in Madison TN to look at it at $87.00 per hour and see if he can find out what is wrong with it. My son had a local mechanic looked at it and he could not figure it out.

Said just a fluk, lemon. Needs to be returned for another one. Well, that won't happen. I don't plan to call them again.

Wasting my time and getting upset for nothing. I have two very disappointed grandchildren. Never, Never order anything from these people.

Once they get your money, they are done with you.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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Did u ever get ur money bk??


that you're a *** ***. :eek

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