New Town,North Dakota
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I purchased a 1100cc go cart from power sports max and it is junk. Breaks every time I ride it. Does not go as fast as they advertise.

They want me to send it from ND to CAL for each repair. This is not going to happen . It is not as advertised at all .

Totally unreliable and is a cheap copy of other much better buggy's.

Do not buy from them!!!!!

It is leaking oil antifreeze the clutch master cylinder also broke. the swing arms are not straight and it did not come with assembly instructions. They also have no repair manual available so you are on your own to repair it. And when I was putting it together the parts did not fit which puts stress on them and also causes more cracks and premature ware on every thing else. do your self a big favor and do not buy from them!!!

Monetary Loss: $8750.

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Front a arm came off after bolt broke on 2nd ride and can't fix cause it's pressed on so

Have to buy new a arm cause bolt pressed in and is cheap!

Dorotheenstadt, Berlin, Germany #198590

hello, thanks i was going to buy it but now i guess i will try to find something else, you guys know what is better?

I am from canada quebec and i dont find anything that look bad *** for off road and performance



Have the exact same buggy color and all. Have had electrical problems.

Main headlights just stop working. Speedometer just quit after two days. The engine does not have the power they say. No need for the fifth gear.

Paint chips away very easy. Right front fender was made wrong and would not fit. Company Go karts Usa is where i got mine.

They suck with help. Do not purchase it looks and no performance!!!!!

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