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I ordered a 200cc df motor scooter (mc-x61) from powersports max and the service was pretty good. However, when they sent the scooter, I did not receive the windshield, the cells in the battery were no good after I dumped the liquid electrolyte inside of the battery and let sit for 30 minutes in the same state.

I installed the battery and it didnt work. I then had the battery tested at a local oreilly auto shop afterwards, they said the battery was no good. O'reilly was then even nice enough to charge the battery for 5 hours anyway to make me feel better, and the battery still didn't work. Powersports max did not include the battery charger, and the operator from powersports max said that I needed a new voltage regulator on the scooter.

Let me inform you that the mc-x61 scooter all together costs $1,119.90. When a scooter costs that much, I think it's supposed to work when it comes, even if I had to assemble the whole scooter myself, all components are supposed to work!!!

Good company but I think the products could be better. Now I have to wait a whole 3 weeks to 1 month enjoy something that I already bought because I'm waiting on replacements.

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