I think I will keep going with my story about this company :) ok.. ordered scooter..

ooooo they took my money (*** Yes) :) I guess from the transport of the scooter. That when things happen (and things do happen, I get that) so as it was getting here.. bouncing around from the trip.. the battery was in the "luggage compartment ) underneath the seat (follow me folks) lol.

Ok. In this compartment was the bolt kit to put the front tire on-battery .. while it was being transported, the battery was bouncing around.. cracking a big hole on one side of the compartment on the bottom of..

causing the bolt kit in the placid bag to fall threw the scooter.. well, sense the scooter has no bottom in the crate.. "BINGO" All the bolt and nuts and what have you ,got lost in the shipment to me.. soooooo you would think easy fix (right) ?

Ha. NO!!! they still couldn't understand what I was saying.. and the rear fender had two cracks on both sides..

how I don't know.. took pics of it all.. sent the pics to them.. 15 emails- 50 phone calls to them..

still no correct parts!! Finally they sent me a new fender.. but on top of that.. sent me another back rest luggage compartment and the floor piece where you put the battery in..

(two of those they sent me) I'll stop there for now.. going to want to chuck my phone again lol. Oooooo still no registration or plates.. so really it's like having a stolen scooter at your house..

can't drive it..ooooo yeah.. pic of my brother helping me put the kick start back on.. 2 day I was warming it up.. the sting feel off inside lol.

Other pics.. look at the color of the back rest luggage compartment lol.. look at the rear fender pic.. I'm putting the fender that they sent me to replace it...

they argue with me, saying I was wrong.. I didn't know how to install it ha. Loooook at the fender side by side ha. Do they match???

Lol ..I just want my registration and plates...

let's all pray that comes by the end of the year.. can I get a amen lol

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